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Melody Trailer 1 (Short Film, 2019). Written and directed by Matias G. Muñoz.

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Witch Ball & Speedware Release

March 15, 2019


Last month I had the honor to create music and sound for two fantastic teams and games, which are now available as free download on! 🎮 I’m excited to show you the result and if you’re into games, you should definitely consider to try them! They‘re very good and worth your time 😉🤘🏻

Witch Ball:


Nomination Peer Raben Music Award

August 7, 2018

I couldn't be more exited about this! Nominated at @SoundTrack_C 's Peer Raben Music Award for "Best Music in a Short Film". Deeply looking forward to attend the amazing-sounding congress program, workshops & discussions! #DearMajorTom #score #helloTwitter



Dear Major Tom Festival Premiere

June 9, 2018

Launch - Dear Major Tom festival journey!

Today our protagonist Lena is not the only one who’s been given permission to take-off, but our short film Dear Major Tom is officially celebrating it’s festival premiere on Film Leben Festival 2018!

I’m excited for this and wish both Blue Owl Productions and Lena all the best for their upcoming journey!





Composition Reel

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Thanks for finding your way to my composition reel! You can find here a compilation of musical themes I wrote for various Film & Game projects, as well as some free to use, non-commercial compositions of mine.

If you like my music, don't hesitate to drop me an Email - I’m excited to get in touch with you! Have fun listening, I hope you’ll enjoy.



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• Music Composition & Production

• Arrangements / Orchestrations

• Sound Design & Mixing

• Wwise Game Audio Implementation

Jeremy Vincent Froböse (born 1992 in Frankfurt a. Main / Germany) is a Berlin based Composer, Musician and Sound Designer.

He started out as a guitarist and bass player for various bands and styles, from Punk over Alternative-Rock and Post-Hardcore. Until 2013, he attended the Art & Music specialized Highschool BORG Gastein (Salzburg/Austria), where he graduated i.a. in Music Theory and advanced Guitar Playing.

Since then, he focused on the studies of film music, studio technology and the orchestra. While attending SAE Institute Frankfurt a. Main to learn Audio Engineering, he joined further education courses to earn certifications in the fields Game Sound Design, Soundtrack Composition and Classical Music. Since 2016 he is living in Berlin, where he graduated in Media Composition from Triagon Academy in 2018.


Instrumental Background

  • Guitar/Bass: education & practice since 2007

  • Piano: self-education & practice since 2011

  • Vocal: Fundamental Skills & practice Since 2011

  • Harmonica: self-education since 2018

Graduations & Certifications

  • Media Composer Diploma (SET, 2018)

  • Hans Zimmer Masterclass (Course, 2017)

  • Audio Engineering Diploma (SAE, 2016)

  • Soundtrack Composer Certificate (Audiocation, 2016)

  • Introduction to Classical Music (Yale University, 2015)

  • Game Sound Design Certificate (Audiocation, 2014)







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Jeremy Froböse

Korsörer Str. 22 | 10437 Berlin | Germany


Mobile: (+49) 178 4952596


Skype: Jeremy Froboese


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